In East Asian countries, soups are considered one of the main dishes. They are served as independent dishes or with additions, decorations. The ingredients of the broth can be part of the soup or just give the broth, and the finished dish is assembled from separately cooked products. Asian soups are generally broth-based and do not contain dairy products (cream, milk).

Asian soup recipes are varied, but they are all grouped into only 2 categories:fo bo

  1. Spicy recipes. The key sensations are the aroma and taste of the umami directly during the tasting.
  2. Sweet. They are appreciated for their unique aroma, richness of taste sensations and distinctive aftertaste.

The most famous soups are popularized for their impeccable taste, health benefits (invigorating, revitalizing effect). Different countries have their own secrets of cooking and an individual rating of this dish. Regional differences and preferences influence the recipe of even soups of the same name.

It is safe to say that Asian soups are cooked on traditional soup bases:

  • Chinese - chicken jimang broth, lean pork broth, slowly simmered over low heat shòu ròu tāng, milk broth báitāng (peeled skin, pork bones) and Yutang (fried, and then boiled for a long time fish), rich fatty broth shàng tāng, lightened white diào tāng;
  • Japanese - light broth Kombu (algae of the same name are slightly boiled or soaked), Niboshi (soaked or boiled dried sardines of the same name), Shitake dashi (mushrooms soaked in water);
  • Korean yuksu - MyeolChi (from dried anchovies, kelp), GoGi (pure meat broth), SaGol (boiling bone broth, gets a milky color), KimiChi (infusion for cold, uncooked soups);
  • Indonesian - Santan (coconut milk base), Kuah asam (fresh tamarind juice) and Kuah chuka (vinegar gives acid taste) for seafood soups, Sayur (transparent vegetable broth), Kaldu (broth made from bones or poultry meat, beef, lamb) .

том ям

Most popular solutions
Feedback from netizens will help you find out the Asian soups that everyone is hearing:

  1. Tom Yam. National dish of Thailand, Laos, as well as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia. Hot spicy sour soup with seafood, chicken. For the exact designation of the recipe, a clarification of the type of meat used, broth is added at the end (for example, "Tom-yam-kai" with chicken, "Tom-yam-kung" with shrimps and Tsaogu mushrooms). This famous Thai soup has received different interpretations in Asia and around the world. Variations can be very different from the original. The name is used to refer to various spicy oriental soups.
  2. Pho. Traditional Vietnamese soup based on meat broth, rice noodles and additions of chicken, beef, fish balls, fried fish when serving. For Pho, GoGi broth, Kaldu is suitable, the main thing is to add ginger, fried onions, spices (star anise flowers, cinnamon branches, amomum fruits, cloves, cilantro seeds, fennel) and boil for several hours (at least 4!). Variations Pho bo (beef) Pho ga (chicken), Pho Tom (shrimp), Pho ca (fish).
  3. Ramen (in Central Asia, pronounced "lagman"). Wheat noodles and a little broth, adding greens, pork, pickles, bamboo shoots, sometimes nori, eggs, etc. Recipe of the Chinese, and later Japanese and Korean cuisine.Традиционный вьетнамский суп
  4. Udon. Hot or cold light soup. It got its name from the type of vermicelli used. Unlike ramen, no alkaline water is used in the preparation of wheat noodles, the thickness of the dried pasta is 2-4 mm in diameter. You can season with green onions, tempura, shrimp, soy sauce, etc.
  5. Kimchi chige. Korean fermented Chinese cabbage soup. Literally translated, it is "kimchi stew". Served with rice, tofu and pork. A nutritious, hot meal great for winter. The lighter version is Kimchi guk, the recipe with dumplings is Kimchi mandu guk.

No less interesting, but not so popular Vietnamese soups: hot pot (they just bring you the ingredients, you choose their ratio yourself, add to the broth, bring to the desired degree of readiness), Bun bo or Bun cha (fish variation) - noodles, but not such as Pho, meat on the bone, spicy shrimp paste and lemongrass. And Japanese Ao-Cheese Cream Cheese Soup is reflected in many recipes in various countries.

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