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Even having visited Vietnam 100 times, you will not truly feel this country without trying rice paper rolls with filling. Crepes Nem are a traditional Vietnamese dish. Adaptive names of this Asian dish are "fitness rolls", "spring rolls".

Basic differences of Nemблинчики нэм
Vietnamese rice paper crepes are made up of 2 key ingredients:

  • rice paper (thinnest cakes);
  • juicy filling: shrimp or minced chicken or pork, glass noodles,
  • bean sprouts, dried oyster mushrooms, herbs, vegetables.

The most common way to process Nem is to fry in vegetable oil. Depending on this, we get a variety of dishes:

  • nem rán - deep-fried;
  • nem cuốn - boiled shrimp or meat, rice noodles, fresh vegetables and fruits wrapped in rice paper soaked in water;
  • nem nướng - stewed, roasted in the oven or over the fire.

блинчики нэм
Rice paper crepe with filling is always served with fish sauce and hot pepper.

Many tourists wonder why ordering Vietnamese rice paper rolls with seafood still get a pork dish? Vietnamese classic is adding this ingredient to any minced meat option. Only the vegan version will be solely with vegetables. Chopped pork is added raw to Nem ran, and when roasted, it gives that unique juiciness.

Rice spring rolls come in many shapes and sizes. Rolls, triangles, squares, hexagons - each chef tries to individualize the dish and attract guests with a beautiful performance. Sizes are also variable: like a little finger, medium length (8-10 cm) or a giant Nem.

Nam Re is a more expensive and more difficult special type of fried Nem (Nem Ran). This nem is wrapped in a rice leaf that looks like a net. It is more fragile and delicate, therefore it requires special skill and dexterity from the chef. The filling is a delicious combination of shrimp, mushrooms and glass noodles.

блинчики нэм

Combination of flavors

The Vietnamese dish Nem conquers not so much with the variability of recipes, as with the sensations obtained while savoring. True Vietnamese know that Nem must be eaten with the hands. Crisp crust of melting dough, juicy filling, no fat aftertaste due to neutralization with traditional fish sauce. Add the richness of colors to the bliss of taste, which is visible through the transparent rice paper.

The awareness of satiety is connected to aesthetic pleasure after the first portion of a hearty dish is eaten. Each chef prepares Vietnamese nem, the recipe of which he adapts to his vision of perfection. Insipidness, dullness and monotony of tastes are alien to Asian cuisine. In thin pancakes, nothing distracts from the combination of filling, its interaction with the salty traditional Vietnamese sauce.

Many ingredients fail to unleash the potential of tastes while raw. Only heat treatment contributes to the appearance of an appetizing aroma, the desired crust. Nem cuon was not widespread (fresh vegetables do not claim to be a gastronomic discovery), but Nem ran has been cooked in the North of Vietnam from time immemorial to this day. In the southern region they also exist, but they bear a fundamentally new name - "cha gio".

Recipe for true gourmets
Vietnamese rice paper crepes are a traditional homemade dish. It is prepared immediately. No premades, no pre-cutting. The filling is crushed immediately before frying the roll so as not to lose moisture. It is impossible to preserve a crisp for a long time if a juicy filling boils inside.

You don't have to visit Hanoi or Hai Phong to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese dish. In a matter of minutes in Kiev, you can order NEM and please your loved ones with a hearty dinner or lunch at work, or visit the Vietnamese restaurant NEM in the Lavina Mall. We accept orders of any fullness, provide delivery within a radius of 10-20 km from the place of location (the Lavina Mall).

In our Vietnamese restaurant NEM, we did not cut the traditional recipe for the dish, we offer Nem crepes with an insanely tasty filling: with shrimp, pork, chicken or vegan, funchose, carrots, bean sprouts, eggs, mushrooms, onions and green onions. The ingredients are perfectly combined, creating a fireworks of flavors (all reviews of our clients will confirm this). The crispy fried crust emphasizes the juiciness of the filling, the ideal shape is thought out for easy tasting with your hands (no chopsticks, forks, cutlery!).

You can leave a preliminary order with us and the dish will be delivered to the address in a matter of minutes after it is ready. We recommend serving nem with our signature dip (fish sauce + sugar + lemon juice + water + chopped carrots, hot peppers). The sauce is always attached to the order.

Inexpensively and quickly you will be able to touch the centuries-old delicacy of the Vietnamese, discover this country in a different way, add variety to your gastronomic preferences, surprise guests at a themed party. We are ready to prepare any number of portions of filled rolls, deliver them crispy and hot right to your doorstep!