If you are in favor of simple but tasty food, you prefer an understandable composition without frills, complex processing techniques - you are on the same wavelength with the 44th President of the United States. It was Barack Obama who made the unknown restaurant of Vietnamese food "Bun Cha" a popular destination for tourists and visitors to Hanoi.

Bun Cha: delicious and satisfying
Bún Chả is a Vietnamese dish with pork and rice noodles. Bun is the name of noodles, Cha (Chả) - all kinds of minced meat balls (chicken, pork, beef, fish) or Vietnamese sausage. Chefs choose different additives and their proportions, but the name remains correct. Simply put, this is a pork grilled meat served on a plate of Bun rice noodles, served with the traditional Vietnamese fish sauce, Nuoc Mam.

Plain pork and rice noodles - Bun Cha has a variety of flavors. What's the secret?

  1. The right choice of meat. For slicing, choose only pork breast without skin and fat. For balls - a shoulder part so that the minced meat is of the required density, but sufficient fat content.
  2. Marinade. In the classic recipe, meat is always soaked in Nuoc Mam sauce.
  3. Cooking pork breast and meatballs - only on coals. Smoke, direct exposure to temperature guarantees a delicious taste.

Barack Obama ordered beer for this dish. The drink is appropriate due to flavor contrasts: spicy, smoky food goes well with sweetish stouts, light bitterness of malt.

Through gastronomy to historical originsрисовая лапша Бун Ча
Like all Vietnamese dishes, Bun Cha has several recipes and interpretations, depending on the region of preparation. The historical homeland of this food is considered to be the North of Vietnam (Hanoi).

The central and southern parts have their own variations of the dish. In the South, Bun Cha has a sweeter flavor (a traditional distinctive feature for all food in this region). Caramelized sugar is added to the marinade for meat. The consistency of the sauce is also different: the Hanoi version has a mild, refined taste of dip, while the southern version has a strong smell and more sweetness.

In all regions, traditionally, all components of the dish are served separately. Only meat and sauce together, Bun noodles can be mixed with herbs, bean sprouts, herbs, an additional bowl of chopped garlic, pepper - this is at the discretion of the cook. It was a scattered presentation in the restaurant where Barack Obama sat.

Bun Cha Rice Noodles - The Complex Taste Of A Simple Dish
Bun Cha - Vietnamese food, the uniqueness of which will be remembered for a long time. Different shades of tastes are intertwined in it:

  • incomparable brisket that melts in the mouth;
  • juicy minced meat saturated with the aroma of smoke;
  • sweet and sour fish sauce Nuoc Mam;
  • the tenderness of Bun rice noodles, which set off all the complex flavors of meat ingredients.

This dish can be eaten as a main dish or as a soup (it all depends on which dinnerware was chosen for serving). Just add more Nuoc Mam sauce, diluted with water, sugar, vinegar, add chopped garlic, hot peppers and the meal will consist of soup. Or just dip noodles, herbs into a bowl with sauce and meat, snack on bean sprouts (very refreshing).

A distinctive feature of the Bun Cha sauce is the curly cutting of additive vegetables (turnips, carrots). They are pre-soaked in vinegar with sugar, added together with the meat to the sauce, and the client himself puts the noodles into the bowl (sometimes the meatballs are served separately).

After this describing the appetite woke up, want to send your receptors into space? Our Vietnamese restaurant NEM is ready to offer delicious Bun Cha in Kiev. Our chefs have adapted the classic recipe of the dish for delivery, but without deviating from the main cooking dogmas. Compulsory rice noodles, bean sprouts, beautifully chopped carrots, grilled pork cutlets with a unique aroma, fish sauce. The order will arrive to you with ardor, with heat.

Barack Obama in Vietnam, along with his partner, famous chef and traveler Anthony Bourdain, paid only $ 6 for Bun Cha. In our restaurant, prices will also please with availability. We use only fresh ingredients, never compromise on quality. We are ready to fulfill orders of any scale, service banquets and parties. In addition to the traditional Bun Cha dish, you will find many Vietnamese delicacies on our menu.

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