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Bun cha

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195.00 грн

Composition Rice noodles, bean sprouts, carrot, greens, grilled pork cutlets, fish sauce
The weight 300 gram

The authentic Bun Cha: is there a delivery in Kiev
Among the Vietnamese, the combination of the incompatible is considered the crown "chip". The perfectly balanced taste of meat and fish is the traditional Bún Chả dish. You can order it even in Ukraine, it is not necessary to go to the East.

The main thing is aroma
Simply put, pork grilled meat with Bun rice noodles, vegetables, and fish sauce dip are the ingredients of Bun Cha. Delivery involves a scattered serving of ingredients, and you yourself mix them in the right proportions (dilute the sauce to the state of a broth or eat in a bite, dipping the contents of the plate in turn).

Our chefs have retained the recognizable features of the traditional Bun Cha:

  • juicy minced meat cutlets (Chả from Vietnamese - meatballs);
  • the meat is saturated with the aroma of smoke, because it is grilled;
  • raw fresh bean sprouts, greens;
  • pickled carrots beautifully cut.

You can order Bun Cha in Kiev to make sure that the unusual combination of meat and fish gives a very bright, interesting taste. No blandness in food, get to know the origins of Asian cuisine!

We receive positive feedback from customers, because we offer interesting dishes at an affordable price. The cost of Bun Cha, delivery will cost you less than lunch in a metropolitan restaurant.

Дуже апапетитна пропозиція, не змогли відмовити собі в тому, щоб скуштувати. Дуже тішить, що можна отримати таку смакоту за хорошою ціною. Дякую заклау за старання!
За свои деньги очень вкусно и полезно, тем более, что доставляют за полчаса (недалеко от Лавины работаю). По блюду и самом вкусе все более чем ок, за что спасибо. Проблем не возникало при заказе, в целом довольна
Впервые пробовал Бун ча, достаточно вкусно. Ожидалось больше пряности в соусе, но это уже дело вкуса. А так все окей
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