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Vietnamese cuisine - delivery in Kiev from restaurant NEM

Asian food delivery in Kiev
Many may say that Vietnamese cuisine is similar to Chinese. In fact, it is unique and special. And many dishes from Vietnam, on the contrary, are borrowed by chefs in China. What characterizes Vietnamese cuisine? What is the perfect pho soup recipe? What Vietnamese dishes are worth trying? Where is the best Vietnamese cuisine? Kiev and the suburbs can order delivery from the restaurant "NEM" to get answers to all these questions.

Characteristics of Vietnamese cuisineв'єтнамська кухня Київ

  1. As already mentioned, Vietnamese dishes are similar to Chinese, with the difference that in Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce is more often used instead of soy, and dishes are much more often cooked in a wok. If you are choosing a healthy diet, you can easily order Vietnamese food to diversify your diet.
  2. Besides wok dishes, soups make up a significant part of Vietnamese recipes. The most popular of these is pho, a type of broth, which we will discuss in more detail below.
  3. Vietnamese cuisine also includes rice dishes, and Vietnamese people especially love gao nep sticky rice. Even desserts are made from it, and dishes based on it can be eaten at any time of the day or night! Therefore, the delivery of Asian food from the "NEM" service is carried out from 10:00 to 21:30.
  4. Vietnamese cuisine necessarily includes meat - usually beef, duck and other types of poultry. However, Vietnamese cuisine is also about seafood and fish, of which shrimp is by far the most popular.

Vietnamese cuisine (Kiev) - traditional dishes from our menu

  1. Appetizers. Among the dishes that are most characteristic of Vietnamese cuisine, you can find: spring rolls with various fillings, banh bao - rice flour buns with pork or chicken meat, Nem crepes - similar to spring rolls made with rice flour and served fried or raw with various sauces.
  2. Pho soup. Let's return for a while to Vietnamese soups, among which the particular broth variety, seasoned with fresh cilantro and fish sauce, dominates - pho soup. Its name "pho" refers to rice noodles cut into thin ribbons. Pho is usually served with beef, duck or chicken, and the fillings in the soup are not boiled, but only scalded (at least for this reason, they are not served with pork). Interestingly, pho soup can be eaten both for lunch, dinner, and in the morning for breakfast. You will also find a vegan version of the soup on our menu. We also recommend trying the popular Tom Yam with shrimps.
  3. If you want to order Vietnamese food in the evening, then consider the option of rice or noodles with various additional ingredients. The dish is tasty, satisfying, but at the same time it is considered dietary, especially if you choose with fish or chicken. You can complement the dishes with salads.
  4. Popular drinks. Vietnamese cuisine is not only about dishes, but also typical drinks. In Vietnam, the following are very popular:
  • jasmine tea - a mixture of green tea with jasmine flowers;
  • ca phe coffee - strong and aromatic Robusta coffee, usually served with sugar and milk, sometimes with condensed milk, sometimes also with ice.

In addition to these drinks, the menu also includes classic drinks, water, juices.

Asian food delivery in Kiev

Interested in Vietnamese cuisine? Kiev - delivery from our service will allow you to open it up in a new way. Our advantages:

  • only fresh products;
  • we cook according to original Vietnamese recipes;
  • constant updating of the menu;
  • we deliver food promptly so that you can enjoy them when they are still hot;
  • payment upon receipt;
  • free delivery for orders over 1500 UAH.
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