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Vietnamese spring rolls - a genuine taste of Asian cuisine
As you might guess, the name "spring roll" comes from the word "spring". And all because in Vietnam the dish is rolled on the eve of the New Year - the predecessor of spring. This dish is also called nems or spring crepes. This is a traditional Vietnamese dish. And, although Vietnamese spring rolls came to us, of course, from Vietnam, today it is a very popular dish in Chinese, Japanese and Singaporean cuisines.

Vietnamese delicacy: featuresв'єтнамські спринг роли

  • Vietnamese spring rolls with filling resemble our pancakes, but differ significantly in taste. The base of the pancakes is rice paper or wheat dough and a filling, mainly of meat and vegetables.
  • Vegetarian spring rolls are also popular. They are usually served with a variety of sauces and dips, most commonly fish or sweet and sour sauce.
  • All vegetables must be cut into thin strips. If these are solid ingredients, then they are pre-cooked in a WOK pan.
  • Many serve spring rolls with thin rice noodles.

Why Vietnamese Spring Rolls?

They are very healthy, light, aromatic and crunchy. This offer is the summer version of spring rolls valid in Vietnam because it is made with ingredients available in summer. Summer spring rolls are also known as fresh spring rolls or raw spring rolls because we don't deep-fry them like other and probably more popular versions. It is allowed to change the set of ingredients, for example, shrimp can be replaced with crabs, pork with mushrooms, and instead of noodles, use cucumber and also salad. As for the sauce, although various varieties are also prepared in Vietnam, the most popular for summer spring rolls is fish and lemon sauce. It is delicious and ideal as a snack or a main course.


Cold and hot Vietnamese spring rolls

Spring rolls can be served warm or cold.

  • The cold ones are made from rice paper and are usually larger in size. The filling is prepared separately, and it is wrapped in rice paper ready-made.
  • You can also order Vietnamese hot spring rolls. They have a smaller filling and are very crispy. The filling is wrapped in wheat dough and thrown into hot oil.

Asian snacks (Kiev and the suburbs can order them with delivery on our website can be of different types, depending on the ingredients used in the cooking process:

  1. Nems. Classic filling: pork, carrots, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, noodles, onions. The master wraps these ingredients in rice paper, after which they are fried. Pork is often replaced with fish, shrimp, crabs, and snails. In shape, Vietnamese spring rolls can be roll-like or rectangular. Rice and sauce are served as an addition to the rolls. Noodles can be used instead of rice.
  2. Rolls Pho. This type of spring roll can be ordered with beef, complemented by spicy herbs and salad. They also wrap everything in rice dough.
  3. Snack with pork ear, cut into pieces. They are mixed with rice powder and aromatic herbs that give the dish a unique flavor.
  4. Banh xeo - rolls made from rice flour and coconut milk. The filling can be shrimp, pork, bean sprouts.
  5. Summer rolls are a wide variety of fillings wrapped in moistened rice paper.

Where to try spring rolls? Ordering home is a great option

A few years ago, the Vietnamese dish was only available in oriental restaurants. Today, our service for the delivery of Vietnamese food offers to try the Vietnamese dish nem, which is delivered throughout Kiev and the suburbs. Only high quality fresh ingredients, professional chefs, strict control of norms and standards of disinfection.