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Vietnamese noodles, rice with delivery

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Vietnamese food: home delivery of Asian food
Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and vibrant. The spicy chili flavor and aroma of fish sauce are combined with the freshness of lemongrass, coriander, Vietnamese mint and lime. Vietnamese cuisine is not complete without a lot of spices and vegetables. If earlier Asian dishes with rice or noodles were available to us only in specialized restaurants, today, even at home you can appreciate Vietnamese dishes. Delivery from our service "NEM" contributes to this.

Main characteristics:вьетнамская лапша

  1. The most common meats in Vietnamese cuisine are beef and pork, but it is also rich in fish and seafood, and chicken. The meat is not cooked for a long time, which is reflected in its color in ready-made dishes. Vegetables are also mainly used al dente, quickly fried or boiled.
  2. The most characteristic feature of this cuisine is the abundance of all kinds of soups and broths.
  3. It also has a deeply rooted vegetarian tradition spread by followers of Buddhism.

What to order traditional Vietnamese dishes

  1. Vietnamese cuisine can't miss glutinous rice. It is one of the most important ingredients in most dishes. Vietnamese people prepare it in countless ways and at the same time get combinations that delight the taste. Asian rice dishes are a combination of the main ingredient with meat, shrimp, fish, various spices and vegetables.
  2. Most of the dishes also include fresh herbs, mainly coriander, Vietnamese mint, and Thai basil. Fish sauce occupies almost an honorable place in the kitchen - it is used to dress soups, meat and vegetables. If we are talking about rice with fish or meat, then the sauce gives the dish a special authentic taste.
  3. The Vietnamese also love spinach, pickled fruits and vegetables, seafood, lemongrass and sea mushrooms. Dishes are often seasoned with lime juice, lemongrass and sugarcane juice, which is also served as a standalone drink.

The way Vietnamese cuisine looks today is due to the interpenetration of cultures. Vietnamese cuisine is very similar to Chinese. The dishes, like in China, are cooked in a wok and eaten with chopsticks.

Geographically, Vietnamese cuisine is divided into 3 regions:

  1. Fish and seafood prevail in the south of the country, meat dishes are less popular. More emphasis is placed on vegetarian cuisine, but imported products are also often used.
  2. In the north of Vietnam, the chef doesn't even start cooking if there is no soy sauce in the kitchen, which is somewhat unusual, because the Vietnamese use fish sauce in most cases. Frog and snake dishes are also very popular.
  3. In the center of the country, vegetables and fruits are most used. Central Vietnamese cuisine is very generous. The number of dishes is the most important here, so restaurants literally excel in creating sumptuous menus. In addition to quantity, great importance is attached to the design of each dish. The cuisine in this region is very colorful and every dish is perfected.

Want to try Vietnamese food? Delivery from the restaurant "NEM"
You don't need to visit one of the regions of Vietnam to taste rice with vegetables or appreciate how fragrant Vietnamese noodles are. Just order delivery from "NEM" in Kiev or the suburbs and enjoy the original taste of interesting dishes. We use only fresh products, we cook according to original recipes, in which the secrets of Vietnamese chefs are preserved, we are constantly expanding the menu. And prompt delivery guarantees that you can enjoy not only a delicious but also a hot dish right at home.